Cate has worked in the beauty business since the 80’s, an advanced stylist and gifted make-up artist, she skillfully works to craft beautiful hairstyles and make-up applications for her clients. Inspired by each client’s distinctness in personality, appearance, and lifestyle, she believes, “Every client is an individual and deserves to be heard.” Cate’s infamous high-heels are truly a reflection of her personal style. With a modern approach and emphasis on individuality, her ability to create sleek, shiny blow-dries to showcase her precision haircuts sets her apart. Her male clientele haircuts are all about service and detail. Cate is a true genius for fixing haircut mishaps and sculpting cuts that grow out without effort, making her a sought-after go to girl. Cate specializes in detailed, precision cuts and carefully crafted styles and blowouts, and men’s haircut trends, and deftly applied make-up artistry.